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This page allows to compare the standards of different countries for pollutants (pesticides, drugs, emerging pollutants) in drinking water.

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This application has been produced with information in our possession.
The SAN cannot be liable for any inaccuracy or omission.
Please, refer to the original régulation documents as the maximum contaminant level reported here may refer to different definitions depending on the country.
Also, additional notes are generally removed.

This application uses data from:
  • Australian drinking water guidelines 6, november 2011.
  • Australian drinking water guidelines 6 version 3.3, november 2016.
  • WHO, Guidelines for Drinking water Quality, 1984.
  • WHO, Guidelines for Drinking water Quality Fourth edition, 2017.
  • Data CIRC-IARC 2017.
  • Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, December 2010.
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  • Directive 98/83/CE du 03/11/98.