The tools to supervise urbanization are numerous: Local urban plan (PLU), classification, inscription of sites, ZNIEFF, Natura2000…
But the stakes are important:
“The pollution of space is without return: a wood, a pine forest that we lotit to build, a rock that is attacked with dynamite to pass a road, a swamp that we fill to put a campsite, never will return to their original state. […] Every hold of urbanization or industry on nature is final: it is a little more of our natural capital that disappears “
(RAYNAUD P., Inspecteur Général de l’Equipement, Techniques de l’ingénieur, volume C4 “Défense du littoral”).

You must not believe that this point of view is uneconomic. On the contrary, the pollution of space negates the possibilities of future development: if natural areas are not maintained in the coastal zone, the interior zones will be impossible to build.